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Ronaldo on amazing form for Portugal
The man is just beautiful to watch in terms of skill and accuracy.

Another winning header for his home country.

Just wow
Indeed, Ronaldo is the best player in the whole world!
He saved Portugal for sure, if it hasn't for him we wouldn't go to the world championship.
When he has the chance to score, he does it, with style! haha
Absolutly, wasn't he brilliant against the swedes.
I miss the days when he was tearing down the old Trafford flank.
He did take them to the world cup bar any other player on that team.

Also a joy to watch against the suedes. He makes it all look so easy.

Hell yes a much more rounded player as terms as skill go than Messi! the greatest of a generation!

It is a shame he will never be back at Manchester United.
Yes, Christiano Ronaldo is in red hot form. He's really a goal scoring machine and he can't stop scoring. Yesterday, he picked up an injury while playing against Almeria. I hope it's just a minor injury.
Argh really? Of all teams to sustain an injury against aha... No offence to Almeria.

Let's hope Messi gets injured soon so the Ballon'Dor can return home to it's rightful owner. lols
Ronaldo is in the form of his life. He deserves Ballon D'or this year! He is performing out of his skin every game!
Ibrahimovich was catalyst. Ronaldo's goal as they played and beat Sweden was to prove to the world that he was better than Ibrahimovich and prove it emphatically he did. What remains to be seen is whether he can inspire the Portuguese team and his club to win titles next year. Of course winning the world cup is an uphill task but well, stranger things have happened [Greece winning the Euro?]

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