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SAF says England wont win the world cup !
(Taken from Sky Sports Football)

Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson says England will not win next year's World Cup.

The Red Devils boss does not think the Three Lions have a chance of lifting the trophy in South Africa, and believes five-time winners Brazil will triumph once again.

Ferguson argued that the strength in depth of Brazil will see them through to glory, as they have so many players plying their trade in the UEFA Champions League.
"I can't see past Brazil, actually. They are going to be the ones in South Africa," he told the Mail on Sunday.

"They are going to be hard to beat. You just have to think of the players they can bring in - they are a supplier of great players.

"Last season, there were 103 Brazilians in the Champions League and only 15 Englishmen.

"More Scots played in the Champions League last season than English players. I thought the 11/10 on Brazil to beat England was the bet of the century.

"The small number of English players in the Champions League is down to the way the Premier League has developed."

Ferguson also questioned the effect the Premier League has on the English national team.

With the Three Lions having gone through a barren spell in major international tournaments, the United manager hopes to see more English talent emerging in the top flight.

"The eternal question is at what point the Premier League is going to have to feature more English players," he added.

"We are not too bad at this club in terms of young players coming through but Liverpool would struggle."


Ha ha Tongue He can never resist having a pop at the scousers !
haha.i acutlly think england have a great chance and will be saporting them and holland
globely brazil tallents are more....
but its hard to pick 1.
English tallent doesnt need to play n all parts of te world...
SAF would have said this coz his recent anger over fabio and FA Big Grin hehe
haha. im sure rooney wasnt happy to hear this !
Moved this thread. International topic. I hope he's wrong for once, as it would be nice to see Wazza, Rio, Carrick, etc. have an extra boast over the French members of our squad, lol!
well as ireland are not in it ill prob shout for england as there our nearest neighbours and because of utd, but i think they have a great chance to win it.
It depends on what FIFA does to stop them! They could rig the draw, change seeding rules, allow players that cheat to play. Oh, what am I saying? FIFA would never do anything like that!!?
yea they'll prob make france qualify automatically to the final without playing any games
England will prob get to semis and be knocked out by spain or some1
(22-11-2009, 04:07 PM)ManFromTheDailyMail Wrote: "Last season, there were 103 Brazilians in the Champions League and only 15 Englishmen.


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