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Season Ticket Price Increase
Pound a match increase plus the VAT decrease we never got back. A lot of fans are going to struggle with this especially after the F****** Budget.
What a joke it is, it still will not make any money for utd as it will all go towards paying the clubs debt. It makes me sick that a few years ago we were so finacially stable but now we get hit in the pocket again while others get prices frozen or reduced from an already lower amount. I have four seanson tickets for me and her and our two kids, the south stand should get developed that would over time make the glazers more cash to pay off there dirty bills, and hopefully make the average price come down for us all.
Yea mate a pound a match is crazy

I'm in West Upper and it cost me £684 this season (08/09) but next season from what I hear (nothings certain) it's going to cost me over £700.

I'm telling you now that next season a lot of the die heart fans are just gona say fuk this and cancel there season ticket and go become a member of FC United.

The place is quiet enough as it is without losing some die heart reds and gaining some yuppie Business men in there suits.
west stand is the only place to be, as its ROCKING. its hit and miss in all the other stands, what gets me is, take the chelsea game the whole ground was rocking and i think the team responeded with a good 3 -0 result where we controlled the game. its good to talk but save it for half time, i lose my voice after every game or at least i try to
another season ticket holder are you?

Are you going to renew your membership next season?

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