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Sir Alex IS the Boss
Sir Alex Ferguson has admitted losing control of the Manchester United dressing room would spell the end of his glittering career at Old Trafford.

The Scot has overseen an astonishing period of success since being appointed in November 1986, amassing a huge haul of silverware to make the Red Devils the team to beat in the Premier League and in Europe.

Famed for his 'hairdryer' rants at players, Ferguson accepts that making sure every member of his squad knows who is in charge is vital.

And he warned that any members of the team who step out of line and attempt to question his authority will quickly be shown the door.

Ferguson was speaking to a group of philosophy students at Dublin's Trinity College, and although he had a smile on his face there was no mistaking the stark message.

He said: "If I lose control of these multi-millionaires in the Manchester United dressing room then I'm dead.

"So I never lose control. If anyone steps out of my control, that's them dead.

"Through my development, I've come across two issues - power and control. Control is important, very, very important. My control is the most important thing.

"The most important person in Manchester United is the manager."

The veteran boss moved to Old Trafford from Aberdeen, where he discovered that trying to run every single aspect of the club was counter-productive.

He added: "I always thought that when I became a manager - and I experienced this in Aberdeen - I had too much control.

"I was doing everything - ordering the pies, looking after the programmes. It was getting me nowhere.

"What happens is that you do too much and then you don't do the important things.

"Then, the directors start to say 'He's too big for his boots' and stuff like that."

Despite leading his side to 11 Premier League titles, two UEFA Champions League crowns and five FA Cups among his major honours, Ferguson believes he has never allowed the glory to change him.

And he admits that ensuring his players can cope with such highs and the increased spotlight that brings is an integral part of his job.

The Glaswegian admitted: "Over the years, I've learned to handle success and treat it very, very carefully.

"I'm used to it but I'm more worried about how the players handle it.

"I am very conscious of that and always will be. That's my job."


We kind of new that, although I didn't know he ordered the pies!!!
yes he's right!
he has te power to control the millioner in te manutd Dressing Room!

he just warning ! ... like dnt mess and end up like ruud,becks,stamm etc etc etc! tho they are a Really good players!

but i dont get the need of ths new right nw ???????????? ... did any one messed up in Dressing room ??
He has lost alot of weight now he leaves other people in charge of those things lol!
I think it is meant to dispel all the rumours about players saying this and that, like Nani, for example.
His word should be final anyway not the players
I have a feeling that what our original DJ says is true. SAF has to be in charge. Same at any club. You lose the dressing room and you might as well walk away.
Player power has prevailed at chelsea in the past and other clubs i think that if anyone will convince Sir Alex to walk away it will be the voice of the fans but i for one would walk with him through hell.
every first team player is a millionare Lol

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