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Stamford Bridge Quiet??
Despite it often being said that Stamford Bridge can be quiet, Chelsea confirm the club WON’T use artificial crowd noise to improve atmosphere at Stamford Bridge. This is a true story!!!

Quote:Chelsea have moved to ease fans’ fears about plans to potentially use artificial crowd noise to improve the atmosphere at home games after the club confirmed the idea will NOT be put into practice.

Blues chairman Bruce Buck revealed that the west London outfit will not be using the measure to increase noise levels at Stamford Bridge despite manager Jose Mourinho complaining about the issue in November.

The Portuguese tactician blasted the atmosphere during some home matches after saying playing at Chelsea’s ground was ‘like playing in an empty stadium.’

However, Buck has refuted the notion that Chelsea could record noise and play it out during games in a bid to try and solve the problem.

‘Our manager, for some reason, decided a few months ago to say that the fans were quiet at moments,’ Buck said.

‘One of the problems is it’s very difficult to get tickets when the stadium is sold out every week. It’s difficult to get young people to visit because it’s hard to buy tickets.

‘Every club is looking to improve the matchday experience, but we can’t have recorded fan noise — our fans just wouldn’t accept that.’

He added: ‘We don’t have cheerleaders; we have to do what’s right for our home environment. You have to understand your market place.’

Wow - Thought this was a thread about Jose but this is even crazier!
Even checked the date to make sure it wasn't April 1st.
Nope. This is a true story, lol. I should think that as the season progresses, it will only get quieter, as they head towards the Championship, lol

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