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Steve what if ?
Just supposing the FA drop tiny tears as captain and make Wayne Rooney captain with Carrick, Brown, Ferdinand and maybe Owen hargreaves in squad/team would you support England in world cup then ?
im almost sure steve would support england in the wc as he is english
Yes, but as United fans, England are not the most important team to us, are they? Still, the WC will be a nice distraction from work, but to watch the games in near empty stadia? FIFA and the airlines have priced 'normal' fans out of going!
Im from Northern Ireland we always back our national team all the way but i can see why any united fan wouldnt back the team while terry is captain. him and his family are more corrupt than the former thai PM that bought man city
hahahha XD .. sue Terry! so whos new captain ?? another chelskie(frank) ?? nowway!
The way they're going, Russell Brand will be next in line!!
(01-02-2010, 08:30 AM)Noucamp99 Wrote: The way they're going, Russell Brand will be next in line!!
or Joe Brand !!
Must admit though if England were lucky enough to win the WC it would be hard to see That Cockney spiv lording it with the trophy.
united > england
(01-02-2010, 10:31 PM)ManUtdPeople Wrote: united > england

I agree totally but england > city
glossop northend > city
hyde utd > city
harold shipman > city

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