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Stream Quality?
How was the stream Quality for the derby match??

We need your feedback on it
It was grainy as hell.. I couldn't have it full screen because I could hardly see the ball. I ended up getting pee'd off with it and hunted some more streams down.
At the end of the day to improve stream quality we need donations I think. Remember today was a free stream aswell guys so I think the 5 post rule will be back in force for the Wigan game.
Yea it will b back had a chat with owner and we agreed that Sunday was awful people used the stream and never signed up 2 forum or as we really needed was some donations and we didn't get either

So Wigan match will have 5 post rule back
yea that is true it will be back
c e la bonne kalité mci
The best I've seen online 10/10
i'm in the middle of nowhere in china and the stream was fine, better than nothing.
not only that, i can't wait till we give the arse another good smashin.
though it was great
streaming was excellent...surprised me a bit as I didn't expect it to be as good as that.

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