Poll: Do you support making Rashford captain vs Spurs?
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No it's too important a match
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No but make him Captain the first match fans are allowed to be present
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Tevez or Berba?
So who do you prefer to play with Rooney, Tevez or Berbatov?

For me it's Tev3ez. His work rate is great and he has a knack of scoring at vital time. Him and Rooney have a great partnership and that was proved last year as we won the Prem and Cl.
tevez all the way, his work rate alone warrent him to be in the team, berba doesnt seem to like shooting????
Caros Alberto Tevez i th bs of Beba nd him!
Carlos is a little but a ftasticplayer him and Rooney is te best partnership in the english premier league!! Big GrinCoolWink
looks like everyone is for Carlos ..hahaha so they should he is aworkerholic off the ball SmileSmile
Tevez for me I wouldn't have that lazy donkey near the team.
Teves!Fergie sign him up!Worth every penny of 30mill?hope they can sort it out?they have said they will deal with it in the Summer?Fingers crossed.
Tevez works hard, but Berba's different gravy. Think he's had a good effect on the team so far and will get better again next season.
both have a place ... but brba can win a game .. the ball sticks to his feet .. tevez on for the last 20 mins though
Tevez all the way! No matter what Fergie said after the FA cup game I dont like Berba anything like as much as Tevez

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