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The Red knights
Todays article in the M.E.N by Stuart Mathieson about the Red Knights should bring hope to anti glazer campaign he states that the so called Red Knights should go public so United fans can have something tangible to back ? isn't that exactly what M.U.S.T is doing ? personally I think the media want them to go public so they can dig up dirt and invade their private lives so screw the media . I hope that the consortium succeed as i'm not a Glazer fan although ive been more optimistic than most that they may do some good eventually , but with Platini making anti english noises eventually may be too late . I also Disliked with a passion Martin Edwards and his father especially after it was reported that Martin Edwards said Manchester United can exist without the supporters . The "Red Knights" have my support and i will be registering with M.U.S.T to back it up . I just hope that if it all comes to fruition we can compete in the transfer market with "City's united nomad tribesmen" also known as C.U.N.T.S
Nice post, rattylad, but I'm going to close this and add your post to the debt thread, as it fits in there. Sorry, but it keeps it all together. - noucamp99


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