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This or that?
X-Factor. Cheryl. Need I say more?

New Zealand or Australia?
oz i guess

alan shearer or jamie carragher
Shearer. At least he never played for the scouse ... even if he didn't sign for us. His loss!

Comb-over or shaved head? (Sorry Sir Bobby!!)
shaved (sorry sir bobby)( and stephen ireland "wears a wig")

you look like a tool with a combover

heineken or budweiser
You forgot to apologise to Sir Bobby!!


Flash car or expensive yacht?
flash car

benitez or houllier
He's just a fat spanish waiter!!

I can't answer this one, cos I'd just leave a blank space, lol. Someone else take a turn!

Benitez or Houllier?
i wonder should we close this no-one seems to be using it
yeah its a bit old now haha
I agree. It was fun, but has died a bit of a death, tbh. We need a new idea...
If anyone wants it re-opened, let us know.

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