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Tomorrow 9 am
Just to let you know next seasons fixture list is released tomorrow (18/6/14)
hope we get one of the other top 6 as we need to show them we mean business.
This is something I agree with completely, many will be hoping of an easy game to ease the team into the new season, but I'd prefer we kick off with a big team to get the campaign off to a flyer and show the other title chasers that this is our year!

All my family are Arsenal fans so I'll certainly be looking out for this result first and foremost. Smile
Games i look out for - Liverpool and Man City first then Arsenal & Chelsea.
16 August Swansea City H
23 August Sunderland A
30 August Burnley A
13 September Queens Park Rangers H
20 September Leicester City A

Last five
25 April Everton A
2 May West Bromwich Albion H
9 May Crystal Palace A
16 May Arsenal H
24 May Hull City A

Rivals watch
25 October Chelsea H
1 November Manchester City A
22 November Arsenal A
13 December Liverpool H
21 March Liverpool A
11 April Manchester City H
18 April Chelsea A
16 May Arsenal H
Not a bad start then,took this from the Man Utd web site.
Know what I said about getting one of the top 6 in the first few games but we could be off to a flyer really, not getting to carried away but Van Gal has got some beatable teams there.
This time too against Swansea city.We shouldn't take everything for granted,not even against swansea city or sunderland and by end of October and most of November will be the real litmus test with Chelsea,Arsenal,all lining up.All i am doing now is hope that van gaal instills some desire,impetus to united.He has got all the time,for now.
I think that the 8-2 on the 16 May, the penultimate match, will clinch the title. At home to the Gooners, lol!!
(18-06-2014, 11:30 AM)Noucamp99 Wrote: I think that the 8-2 on the 16 May, the penultimate match, will clinch the title. At home to the Gooners, lol!!

Got a bit nostalgic reading this comment. What a great game that was, we were absolutely perfect. Arsenal were obviously exhausted and we kept going, we kept banging them goals. One of the best games I've ever watched, and I'm damn glad.
Any way both Real Madrid C.F. and Arsenal will play champions league.. ManU gonna play UEFA Europa League with spurs!! Tongue Tongue
[Image: 10478521_4307293616871_672207358_n.jpg?o...4f0d1627f0]
Just hoping that the penultimate match will turn the tide in our favor and get us the coveted title..!
ManU FTW..Big Grin
United are not in Europe this coming season, so won't have the added sidetrack of playing on Thursdays. That is actually a good thing.

Real Madrid don't play in the EPL, so not bothered about them, either, lol

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