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United Tie up Deal with Adidas
So, the end of the Nike relationship and the start of a new one with Adidas, which will be worth £750 million over 10 years! A new sponsorship record!!!

Quote:Sportswear giant Adidas has signed a £750m deal to make Manchester United's kit for 10 years from next season.

It comes after US rival Nike decided to end its association at the end of the 2014-15 season.

Nike has been paying United £23.5m a year, and the new deal is worth a world record-breaking £75m ($128m) a season to the Old Trafford club.

Champions League winner Real Madrid's £31m-a-year deal with Adidas was previously the biggest club deal.

Adidas will provide training and playing kit to all the club's teams and will have the exclusive right to distribute dual-branded merchandising products worldwide.

The huge sum involved is only £40m less than the Glazer family paid for the club in 2005.

The new kit has been leaked online. It has a little retro feel, mainly due to the fact that Adidas used to supply the United kits and the 3 stripes has an older feel about them.

[Image: adidas1.jpg]
The German sportswear brand are not allowed to release the new kit until United's current deal with rivals Nike expires on 31 July. That means Louis van Gaal's men will have to play in their lucrative pre-season tour of the US in last season's kit, while the new kit is likely to be first worn by one of the club's youth teams.
Could this be the new kit for next season?

[Image: original.jpg]

What do you think?
the last picture (above) was a good leak, I reckon.

[Image: manchester-united-kit-launch-august-2015...0801154553]

So, will anyone be buying the new shirt at around £60??
Nice! I am buying this for my brother. He loves football and also plays for the school team. This would be a perfect gift for him this year. Also, I am happy because I got my salary and I am so glad that I can shop now.

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