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Villa and Silva could be heading to old trafford
no word since on these, tbh cant see the both coming, maybe silva but even he would be a bonus
well never no till jan or sumer
Yep. You're right, but this is the fun part of the forum where we can all dream a little and maybe add who we would (realistically) want SAF to buy.

I'd rule out a swift return for Ronny, though!
Ronny wont be back maybe some day as a coach o no the rain lol. ah i respect ronaldo for what he did and every thing!
i sapose at my age him or beckham are my king's! Smile
I don't see Ronny making a good coach. He is to great a player to get there. Great players just don't make it. Look at Robson, Keane, Charlton. All greats but failed at management.

Conversely, look at the great managers. SAF - not a great player, Whinger Wenger - not a great player by any stretch, Mourinho - did he even play?

I think he's likely to end his playing career at United, tbh. A swansong, if you like.
yeah if fergie is gone its not often he buys back a player but he might make a exception as i sed we'll never know till the time come's.
i play and i think id be a good manager.
not a bad player ether Wink
It isn't easy. I thought you'd done a couple of games before (or was that blah?) I help run a side and there is so much involved and that's just at youth football. I can only imagine what it's like once you get to a higher level!
ah im thinking of doing a corse soon for being ref and when i leave school start managing for level ages 6's and keep going up like!
It's fun, though, don't get me wrong. I started at Under 7s, with my bro in law. His kid plays for our local team and he runs it. I'm officially assistant manager and I ref the home games. We're at U10, so last year at mini soccer and possibly last year I can ref.

I do ref my other nephew, as he plays scouts football, but that is not serious, but 11 a-side!

My younger nephew, though, is just getting into it, so I can see the cycle going over again.

Oh, and if you're still reading, I was an only an ok player on Sunday mornings.
well i put my self down as SUPERSTAR Wink

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