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Warlock Hired To Curse Ronaldo
A Spaniard who describes himself as a professional warlock claims to have been hired to cast a spell on the former Manchester United footballer Cristiano Ronaldo.

Jose “Pepe” Ruz, 58, from Malaga, has written to Florentino Pérez, the president of Real Madrid — the club that paid £80 million for the Portugal international — to warn him that the hopes of millions of fans are about to be dashed. “I have been contracted so Cristiano Ronaldo suffers a serious injury. I can’t promise when that will be, but I can say he will be injured for more time than he plays,” he wrote.

Speculation has abounded in Spain over who might have taken out a black-magic contract on the star. Was it Sir Alex Ferguson, his former manager at Manchester United? Or Joan Laporta, president of Real Madrid’s rivals, Barcelona? Neither is a known practitioner of the dark arts — so is it one of the hapless defenders who will have to face Ronaldo in the coming season? Mr Ruz refused to name his client, other than to say that he or she was “famous and knows the player”.

Mr Ruz claims to have practised witchcraft for 22 years; a calling for which he says he is well paid. This time, however, he will have his warlock work cut out: the Portuguese winger has already scored seven goals in five games for his new club.

Real Madrid dismissed the threat. “It is a nonsense, like many things we have to deal with regularly,” a spokesman said.

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