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Watching on iPad
Hi all, just joined with gold membership and want to watch occasionally on my iPad, does anyone know if this can be done. Thanks.
Yes it will work on iPad, enjoy. Smile
Thanks for your reply, much appreciated but how do I arrange it?
Just go to on game time.
That simple? Okay many thanks.
Hey buddy. Does it work on ipad for ya? Need some reviews to decide to upgrade to be a Gold devil
I've been trying to access the game on a tablet and have been told to download Puffin or SkyFire which I've done but cant access the match on either browser.

Anyone have success and, if so, what do you recommend?
Hello joined today looking forward to watching the games :-)
I've not had the opportunity to try it so I still don't know. Will try it next time there's a match on.
I've to watch Saturdays game on my iPad, but had too download puffin browser app but was simple and worked well

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