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Welcome : ~ A Potted History of Bebe :
Though very little appears to be known about Bebe, here in the UK, it would seem that he is a burly, 6' 2", 20 year old 'attacking midfielder' who has been used in the past as a 'striker'.

: YouTube Video Link :


Bebe, born (Tiago Manuel Dias Correia) in Agualva-Cacém, Portugal in July 1990.
He was raised in an orphanage, having previously spent time living on the streets as a child.

After playing for Estrela da Amadora, in the Portugese 3rd Division, he was eventually signed by Vitória de Guimarães, a Portugese Liga side.
Although Bebe has never played for Portugal at full International level he did represent his country in the 'Homeless World Cup' in his youth.

He was brought to the attention of Sir Alex by being recommended by former assistant Carlos Queiroz.
Although Bebe was also sought by Real Madrid, United stepped in and bought the player for a reported £7.4 million, (believed to be the value of the buy-out clause in the striker's contract) just five short weeks after his signing to Vitória S.C.

Welcome to Manchester United, Bebe :
I didnt know we had signed him lol
Well here's hoping that Bebe eventually turns out to be just as good as Ozil, or perhaps even better.
Ive watched a few videos on youtube Sad the jury's out for the moment. I think id sooner see hernandez up front.
Hernandez certainly looks a very lively player.
I'm really looking forward to watching him in about 6 months time, after he has settled in and found his feet.
Bebe just needs some time to get his fitness levels up to the standard of premier league players. Lookin forward to watchin him play for UTD.
You're right there Red.

Even Solskjær couldn't pick him for the reserves because of his lack of fitness, apparently.
Although some of the gutter press would have you believe that Ole rejected him because he was a cr@p footballer.

We can only trust in SAF's judgement, even though he surprisingly bought Bebe on word of mouth recommendations alone.
Give him time, I lived in Portugal for a while and follow football from there
but i dont think he will ever be a Hernandez or a Berbatov
PLaying on the streets is very different then being in a acadamy from a young age.

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