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Wenger in anti football claims
Manager Arsene Wenger has accused Manchester United of adopting "anti-football" tactics during Saturday's 2-1 victory over his Arsenal side.

Wenger also claimed referee Mike Dean allowed the champions to "repeatedly foul" Arsenal players during the match.

He said: "I have seen a player make 20 fouls without getting a yellow card.

"If you have seen the game, you don't need me to tell you who but their player gets away without a yellow card. It's quite amazing," stormed Wenger.


I think Arsene needs to calm down doesn't he remember when Arsenal players tormented Ruud for his penalty miss or when they kicked Nani because he was too good for them and skilled them up! Now that is anti football my friends and Arsene.
Patrick Viera was sent off 7 or 8 times in one season!Tackling is part of the game and always has been!
They had more players on yellow cards than us and had another player booked for diving,
Is that not anti-football?
Phill Neville done a job on Viera a few years ago and it was a fantastic performance just like Flech was yesterday!
The guy missed out on the European cup final through a miscarrage of justice and didnt cry or moan about it,he just got on with it.
I dont think Mr Wenger has a player in his team like Flech,who rolls his sleeves up and does the ugly things very very well and oh how we missed him in Rome.
arsenal have had 72 red cards ( 6 a season ) since 1996
Yeah exactly, so he can't talk!
wenger is a wanker so who cares
i wouldn't say a wanker...moreof a weenker, if you know what i mean
Mr Wenger, who we must remember never played football at a decent level, is a blinkered manager who sees things just his way. Now I totally get how any manager will stand up and defend his team in public, but when a rant starts (Rafa, Wenger, etc.), it must affect the team and the morale of the boys. They will start to lose respect for the gaffer and stop playing for him.

I totally agree with the posts above. Especially when Ruud missed the penalty at OT and the antics of his players. So much against the spirit of the game. What about 'pizzagate' or the treatment dished out on Nani. So out of order.

I wish that after the event, he could be wise and gracious and just say, well done Sir Alex. You set your team up not to lose against us, to stifle the midfield and close and harry us and nick a win. Your tactics were far superior to mine and well done. Yes, your team probably wanted it more than my boys and a few of your players rolled up their sleeves and got stuck in.

But back in the real world, I think there might be some sour grapes being passed around the offices at the Emirates.

Well done SAF and the United boys on a determined and gritty 3 points well won.
same ol arsenal always cheating

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