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What Is A POST?
Post: A post is the part of a thread where people talk to each other. You need posts in a thread to get the conversation going.

To Start Of DO NOT Post A New Thread In " Introduce Yourself Here" Please Use The Current Threads.

To get 5 posts you must go to a Thread and join in with the discussion by entering in text and joining in. We recommend General Man Utd

Sometimes When You Post In Other Parts Of The Forum they won't count as they will need to be moderated first so they won't count until a Moderator Approves it. Thats why we suggest joining in the General Man Utd First.

Thread A thread is a conversation on a particular topic.

Example Of A Post
[Image: post.jpg]

Example Of A List Of Threads
[Image: listpost.jpg]
good idea steve I have seen many people on here not knowing what a post is
Yeah nice one and nice choice of example, I meant Berba not Bera LOL.
LOL I just picked that post at random by the way
I thought you chose it because of my extremely good posting skills Wink
well you are an amazing poster
chazza for poster of the year
lol yes good idea we should all vote in diferent catagoreys for members of the year for different things like poster, best banter etc

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