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What do the United Players Drive?
rooney-bmw x5
audi a5

van der sar-bently

anyone know anything on the other players
I think, that as Manchester United's main partner sponsor is Audi, that most of the players have an Audi of some description. Having said that, the car park on match-days is not full of Audis! Even SAF's Bentley is often there. I thought Rio had a Hummer?
Anyway, from Talking Reds:

Van Der Sar= mercedes slr, maserati, audi q7, audi a4

Neville= audi q7

Rio= aston martin, audi q7, audi a4, range rover

Wes= bentley continental, audi

Rooney= mercedes new one, mercedes truck thing, lambourghini gallado, audi a4, bentley continental, range rover, mini cooper

Evra= porshe cayenne, mercedes

Berba= mercedes

Hargreaves= mini cooper, audi q7, audi a4, porche 911 gtrs4

Scholes= audi a4

Ando= audi r8

Nani= audi r8, mercedes

Da silvas= audi r8 or possebons car which is volkswagen polo!!

Carrick= mercedes, mercedes 4x4 thing

Fletcher= dodge, audi q7, audi a4, mercedes

O'Shea= mercedes

Vida= mercedes, audi a4

Ole= mini cooper, audi q7

SAF= bentley, audi a4

Not bad selection, eh. Amazing what Google can find....!!!!
i cheaked google but this site had cars such as a feista.lmao...

if i had there money id be driving-bmw m5 , nissan GT-R , lambegini gladardo and a aston martin Db9 Smile some garage ehhhh
Not bad. I am not rich, so drive a Focus, lol! :whistling:

My bro, is a little better off than me and has a Mitsubishi Evo 9 Cool and a Aston Martin DB7GT Cool. Me? Envious? What do you think!!?? Of course I am!!!!
owen drives a transit van i heard lol
Ha ha. It's to keep all the horse feed in.

Has he been to the races with the gaffer yet, I wonder? if so, I'll bet they go in SAF's Bentley and not little Michael's van!
RVP has a veritable fleet of expensive motors:

[Image: 1400570254864.jpg]

[Image: article-2492633-1948CC2900000578-171_634x410.jpg]

[Image: article-2492633-1948D00000000578-941_634x380.jpg]

But next season, United shirts will be sponsored by Chevrolet, so expect to see a few of these parked around OT and Carrington (in red, of course!!):

[Image: 2014-chevrolet-corvette_100418864_l.jpg]

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