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What was the last movie you watched?
The last movie I watched was Man of Steel a while back. It was decent as a superhero movie but not so great as a Superman movie. It was like the director didn't understand the character they were working on. Still worth a watch if you can look past that.

So, which was the last movie you watched? What were your thoughts on it?
last movie I watched was 'Bridesmaids'. rented it for the girlfriend but it was actually funnier than I expected and not too full of cheese.

I still want to see the new superman film.
I just watched The Naked Gun. As far as spoofs go, this by far outclasses any that I've ever watched. And to add to it's credit, Nielsen's performance was way over the top. I wonder why they just can't make such movies these days?
I had low expectations to it, but since it was recommended by a friend I watched it anyway and it was great!
I have never seen Man of Steel. I have heard of it, though.

The last movie I watched was Home Alone 2. My boyfriend loves watching Christmas movies when it gets close to Christmas, so I always have to watch that one with him. I don't mind though. That movie never gets old or boring, no matter how many Christmas's I watch it. It is always a good one to watch.
The last movie I watched was a "Christmas Special" rerun of Gremlins. I'm not sure what the film has to do with the Christmas season exactly, but I guess there was a lot of snow in some scenes so that would make it appropriate. Little Gizmo found a santa hat too but I didn't hear many jingle bells when the bad guys hatched!

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