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Whats going on with my account?
I realy like this place and the members but this is starting to piss me off now! Im not able to post in certain threads either now... cant you get the old admin to take a look at whats going on? I think MUP / mybb / the host has something going seriously wrong.. i dont want to sound too much like a bitch haha but its doing my head in now.

Its a serious problem now if members cant post!

I wonder how many other members its affected but they havdnt bothered to post about it, just gave in!?
wait i might know. were are you trying to posts threads??
Sherlock donlerz, at your service!
you know too noucamp99 . if its the saME thing im thinking of now.
What? That they've either been deleted or not approved by us evil Mods?
aprroved i would think .
am i correct
If he posted, depending on where it is, the mods need to approve first. We have unapproved a few posts (not me recently, but not been on so much) and these would seem to 'disappear'.

Stevo did say that quite a few posts/threads went missing and were not backed up due to server changes beyond his control.
yeah. im sure the site will be 100% fixed when he is back from spain.
is he gone yea
now iv made a post in the transfer section witch needs to be aproved.
dose this help you stupot
its nothing to do with threads being unaproved or deleted, as i had a heap disappear around 30 posts and it would take a wile for someone to delete them

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