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Whats your favourite Man Utd shirt?
I'm partial to any of the 1978 kits. 100 years of United (sort of) plus it's my birth year. Lots of good things happening in '78.
i liked the one from 02/04 for some reason that shirt sticks in my mind
There was a reversible one gold one side and I think white the other not seen many of them about. You don’t see the grey one a lot either!!
(29-12-2009, 02:43 PM)Donlerz Wrote: nice, any chance of a lend.???lol

Got to be the 1994 - 1996 strip for me.
I also like the black away '93 - '95 shirt, famous for when King Eric 'tripped over' the advertising hoardings at Selhurst Park, to be safely caught by that kindly Palace fan! There was something about Eric wearing this shirt. It just looked right on him, eh?

[Image: Man-United-93-Away-Boys.gif]

Like this...

Oops, I slipped, lol:

[Image: Eric_Cantona_kung-fu_kick.jpg]
My Favorite one is Red in between that Vodafone tag written in style... I really like that and man u is my favorite... also in this season performed superbly and i have seen that match in between man U vs man City just to good everyone must watch that match 4-3 won by man U... Thanks..
Mate no not Man u its Man Utd if you want to shorten it!
my favorite one is Red in the center that Vodafone tag in style written and Man Utd is my favorite team an all season.. i never miss any match of it...

Edtited. Please read
read this mate !!!
as ye might be aware of im posting links for do ye put the pics up big

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