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When Will the Press Get Off Rooney's Back?
Last night, after the Bayer Leverkeusen (?) match, the ITV reporter asked Wazza AGAIN about how happy he is at United and if he asked for a move. OK, so a great opportunity for Wayne to put all the speculation to bed, but for me, this is not a story any more.

The transfer window has closed until January and Rooney is a United player. He cannot move to another club until the next window opens, which is January. I can't see that happening, UNLESS United are really struggling and Wazza is not enjoying his football. And can you really see that happening? Not me.

Also, I think United fans are now happy that he is wearing our shirt and of course, giving 100% for the cause. Rooney loves playing football and will always give 100% for the shirt he is wearing. He is an honest player on the pitch.

We also always get behind our players. Think of when Ronaldo signalled his intent to move to Real. We still chanted his name - and still do now!

There is not a story here anymore and I wish the press would just leave this alone and stop stirring the shite.

Do you guys have any thoughts?
I forgot to add that look at him when he came off. He was not happy to be substituted, which is absolutely the right attitude. Once he made the bench, he was giving high 5s and handshakes all round.

The reception from the Old Trafford faithful said it all. he got a standing ovation for a fabulous performance.

At the end of the match, when he was walking off with one of the coachig staff, he was all smiles and joking about.

Now, does that look like someone who is unhappy with his lot? I don't think so.
I understand Rooney hasn't been doing too well over the past season but that is even more reason for the press to get off his back so that he can concentrate on getting back in form. I'm sure all the talks about Rooney being transferred to another team has also got to him. People sometimes forget Rooney is pretty young (although he's balding) and I'm not so sure Rooney is able to handle the media very well. Hope he stays strong!
Rooney has struggled and I do agree he needs to get some space from the press to gain some perspective and focus on getting back to form. I don't think he's unhappy where he is and just gets frustrated at times with some of his struggles.
Rooney is a great player, he's just in a bad time.
He's not happy with his performance either, but soon he'll be back playing like the star he is.
What is everyone saying? Rooney has been on fire this season. Our best player by a mile and won who has barring a few bad performances has performed well in most matches. Even the ones we lost.

Just a little something extra from both him and RVP and we'll be in the title running soon enough.
Rooney has brought this on himself! All that drama while Fergie was there towards the end and then when Moyes came in "apparantly he wanted to leave" so why should the press leave him alone. Only time can stop the reporters from going in on him so maybe in a years time this will have blown over.
I think it has already blown over. People aren't talking about it as much as they were. The talk is about how good he has been at times.
It was just funny to me how they just kept bothering him. Get off the mans back and let him do what he does best. He has been on fire and it is nice that they are talking about that then this other crap.
The press always single out players who show signs of a bad attitude, he always makes them eat their words in the end though.

Sometimes he is his own worst enemy!
(14-11-2013, 12:42 AM)jonnypop Wrote: Sometimes he is his own worst enemy!

The summer tantrums and questions on his fitness didn't do him a lot of good but he's back to his best and giving the kind of workaholic performances that we've come to expect from him.

I am hoping he signs a new contract soon.

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