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From the 'what annoys me' thread has come the thought as to why fans or supporters might leave a game early. Have any of you guys left a match before the end? If so, I'd love to know why? A train to catch? Wife in labour? What is so important that would make you leave early?

Seen this lately with citeh fans when their team 1-0 up; I see it at OT all the time. WHY?
maybe they all need a shite and cant hold it in, lol
ok as a regular in OT I will clear this up for you...

1: outside OT there is one HUGE car park

I'd say it has over 10,000 spaces there so say at the end of the game everyone drives out at the same time??

hugeeeeeee traffic jams where you could be stuck there for over a hour.

2: Taxi there is only so many taxis and a lot of people leave a few minutes early to make sure they get the top of the queue

3: TRAFFIC in general is crazy for a couple of hours after the match

4: United are playing shit and you can't handle it anymore (example 4-1 loss last season REMEMBER?)
OK. Maybe I've been lucky in the sense that I'm not local. I have driven to Manchester and back to Essex in a day. I've had to brave the traffic in different senses, such that the 1st couple of times up, I parked near the ground and sat in traffic. It eventually cleared, but yes, a little frustrating.
More recently, the 'day trips' have resulted in me parking at the school in Davyhulme Road, for a small fee, and walking about 20 minutes to the ground.
Also, I've been lucky and got a room in what used to be the Whitehouse hotel, the Campanile once and also, stayed in the city centre hotels.
Every time, I've still stayed to the end and either got in a taxi, sat in traffic or walked to my car or hotel.
I still wouldn't miss the end of a game. Having said that, I wasn't on the receiving end of the 4-1, though.
I understand how you'd get so frustrated when that happens. Just not sure about when they're winning, but beginning to understand. Hey, we're not all the same.
Keep them coming.
Still, there are a couple of answers to why you guys might leave.
i dont leave myself now as I go to for a pint after the most games and then get a m8 to pick us up when all traffic gone

but a lot of people could have places to go for example I heard at a champo league game that the guy had a young child with him and he left a few minutes early so he could get his child home at a reasonable time for school the next day see
That seems like post match planning. A pint and mates to ferry you around. Nice one. Be good to hear what other Reds do and maybe why they leave early...
i do think it is annoying when they are in the middle of the row and they want about 20 to stand up and let them by does frustrate me
(25-08-2009, 07:36 PM)ManUtdPeople Wrote: i do think it is annoying when they are in the middle of the row and they want about 20 to stand up and let them by does frustrate me

most are standing anyway
(25-08-2009, 08:05 PM)blah_united Wrote: most are standing anyway

lie only small sections of the crowd stand and it gets smaller and smaller every match because of the stewards
yea the stewards are twats but still we get around this by... when the stewards walk over and tell people to sit down everyone just starts singing "Stand Up For The Champions" so theres nothing they can do

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