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Why We Don't Say Man U
man united only
thanks for sharing..but wasnt aware of it when signed up...also at the end of the day they can say all the rubbish they want..coz man utd are more than capable of showin any1 up on the field as are the man you fans!
Interesting point.
for me it's "red devil till i die"
interesting point
In all the years that I've supported United, I never knew that, thanks
In Japan, the reds are known everywhere as Man U. It never fails to piss me off. I am on a mission to rectify this point!
Good to know I'm not alone in this quest to rid the world of this bullshit!

United the best and it could be a great year - fingers crossed!
gogo man utd
man utd will win today's match!!!
yes united is the best!!
so as Hk...reds = Man UTD!!
fingers crossed!
what's the best alternative short name?
This is good to know. Seeing as I am new to football. Thanks
I agree - hate the saying Man U...

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