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Zoom! Faster Host, Faster Loading, Better Quality
Within no time we were able to switch to a faster host because of your donations. We want to thank all of you that donated and helped us buy better hosting. The hosting should be at least 29 times faster in loading heavy pages (such as the admin panel and streaming) and at least 3 times faster in general.

So why did we need this switch? Well first off all the website loaded slow and it was hard for us to develop under slow circumstances. The slower the website is the slower we can improve. Second of all the website had some downtime due to the large amount of traffic that the host couldn't handle.

With the faster host we can also experiment with cool stuff such as our custom Stream Player including HQ, Fullscreen, ads, better look, and just faster.

So once again Steve and I would like to thank you!

Administration Team

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Zoom! Faster Host, Faster Loading, Better Quality - by Zomaian - 09-11-2009, 11:59 PM

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