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Zoran Tosic
Been watching the first half of the Blackburn and i see that Zoran Tosic is not on the bench. Firstly i have to admit that i have not really seen alot of him but against Barnsley i thought when he came on he looked really lively and caused a few problems. I know it was only Barnsley but i felt he kept possession well and made some very intelligent runs. Apparently his performance when coming on for the reserves against Liverpool was awesome again i know it was only a reserve fixture but he must wonder where he actually stands.
Things would be alot clearer if Sir Alex came out and told us about Tosic development. For example he told us this week how impressed he was Obertan but no mention of Tosic. The question is does he have a futre and will he ever be given a cahnce to replace the underperforming Nani.
to be honest I think nani has to go but Tosic wont be replacing him. Oberton will replace nani
we have so many wingers that tosic will find it difficult to compete for a place
.... and then we might be buying silva?
The future is in good hands, with the likes of Obertan and Tosic. Valencia is doing OK at the moment, but I have found myself screaming at the TV screen when he cuts back onto his left foot, but then has to go back to his right, because he can't use his left. Tosic is coming along nicely and was always one for the future. Nani is struggling under the pressure.
i cant see nani cutting at the moment especially as obertan is playing brilliantly
Obertan looks class. Confident on the ball. Seems to know when to do a trick (great step-over on Tuesday, remind you of anyone..?) and knows when to keep it simple. Great prospect for the future.
i hope he will replace Giggsy after his retirement Smile

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