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chelsea v Everton and drogba..
Phil Neville of all people giving Chelsea the lead with a silly backpass!!
Bloody twit!!
Unfortunate when a player runs right into a keeper and get's a penalty.But that's the way it is now,they are always called other parts of the pitch as well.
How does Drogba do it??Comes back from a broken leg,broken neck,today,a ruptured groin and scores a penalty!!!!What a player!!!How long will the commentators fall for his crap!Fed up of his pretending to be hurt!!Refs still fall for it as well...
Ian Dark is a chelsea fan it seems so no surprise there.Even talked about his bout with malaria as if that's causing his lack of goals..bias at it's best..
Hopefully Everton can step up a gear and get a goal back....
Hi trini :

Yeh! what a right c*ck-up by P.Nev eh! .... he should be better than that.
Didn't he learn anything from his time at Old Trafford ?

Well Everton did their best, in fact they saved us 2 points in the end.
I really thought they were going to go on and win it at one time.

In the Arsenal game, it's a shame that Fulham couldn't live up to their reputation as 'Draw Specialists'.
Also, them being understrength up front didn't help their (already slim) chances.

Our next two games however will determine if it's going to be a 'Happy New Year' for all of us United fans.
Wouldn't it would be great to go into the second half of the season at (or at least near) the top ?
We have some exciting times ahead of us.

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