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chelsea v city
City takes the lead coming from behind...C'mon city!!Can't believe i'll ever say that!!!
Chelsea the better team so far..So hoipefully an inept city will hold them off....
Soz. Had to move it to Prem league forum.

Yes, it's tough to call for the bitters, but 2-1 up is good for us. Ballack should have had a yellow for deliberate handball in the box. It's getting feisty.

No handshake from Bridge at the start, although JT offered his hand.
Shame that JT and Judas didn't get into a big fight and both get sent off.

And, on a fashion point, JT's hair. WTF? Discuss!
Good to see man city winning lol never thought I'd say that, also Tevez shoulda beat the living crap on JT, the guy is just an a-hole, bridge is keeping his kool though
Mebbe they could just kill each other. Do us all a favour?
lol I was talking to a chelsea fan and I said "If man city gets the lead I wouldnt mind seeing some injuries"
PENALTY!!!! and belleti red card
Judas scores again!
lol pen..balletti off...ha ha Chokeski!!!
Gwan Tevez you Argie gnome
LMAO! No contact on Barry, really. Not a pen and no red card. Makes it even funnier!

Judas cheating with the ball not on spot.

Judas scores to help United. how funny?
one more off! Ball-sack on Judas and he's gone. Loving this

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