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david haye
very good for a heavy weight but the most cocky is f*cker ever hate him haha
yea i Watched that fight hoping to see the cunt get punched around but he just spent the fight being a bitch and running away
I'm English and chuffed that he beat the Russki monster. To be focussed and in with the chance to win, you have to get in the zone and pretty much hate your opponent enough to want to kill him.

The fight was awful, especially for a title, but the Russki didn't do a thing. Haye worked hard enough to win and that's another British champion.
i taught haye fought very well stould of and maid that ape pay for swinging the punchs .
fair play to the cocky cu*t lol
didnt see it but heard it was terrible
(10-11-2009, 01:52 PM)andyc09lad Wrote: didnt see it but heard it was terrible

you heard right.

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