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lets all laugh at ..............
This courtesy of MancuniaMerchandise

"Feeeeeeed the Scouserrrrrrs...let them know it's Christmas time"

During this festive period you should take time to reflect on those less fortunate than yourself, the dippers.
Poor little scousers all over Merseyside will be resorting to foraging the bins for their Christmas dinner again this year.
What can they wish for this Christmas? A new shell suit? A trip to the salon for a perm? Or maybe they will just find car radios and hubcaps in their Christmas stockings.

So whilst you're tucking in to your Christmas dinner, glancing at your framed picture of the Champions of England and Europe over the fireplace, do consider the poor and needy of Liverpool.

:lol: :grin: :lol: :grin: :lol:

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