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my account!!!!

hi, i would like to know whats going on with my account??? i got an email saying my account had closed on gold because of my card being out of date, so i signed back up with MUP from the email, which was 50% off for first 3 months then normal price. that went through ( paid through pay-pal) ,then a couple of days later i got email saying it had been cancelled again i got no refund or to know why???can someone tell me whats going on?? am i still signed up??? do i get my money back????


Hi Kevin,

Those emails you got must be about the old subscription, can you forward those messages to me? But I want to let you know that your Gold account is active and nothing wrong about it. And your next renewal date is 30/10/2011

i deleted the emails, whats happened to the £2.50 odd i paid extra through paypal? do i have to put my card details in again?will i get sent an email for renewal??

This is not extra, you are gold now because of this payment, and yes you will get an email for renewal to make sure you have enough funds in PayPal.
paypal normally takes money out of my bank account if no money is in paypal account? the email i signed up for (the £2.odd) was for 3 months then it would charge me £5 odd 3 months after continusly till i cancel?? like i did when i first signed up last year!! do u not work like that now??

sorry for being a pain in the arse!!!!
Yes, this is how it works.
hi man utd people i wanted to know if my gold account is still active because i could not get the stream for the utd villa game yesterday
I had same prob and now the Basel game countdown is not running?????? Maybe just me? or my account.

I hang out to watch every game when I can given the time difference in Australia and it is a pain not being able to get the game when I pay a subscription.

I Have received an email asking for my user name to activate my gold account so its studee84

(24-09-2012, 06:17 PM)studee84 Wrote: I Have received an email asking for my user name to activate my gold account so its studee84


Please reply to that email or send me your payment email. Cheers.

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