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nani can f**k of
Hes a serious goalscorer u see that 1 he banged in recently against chelsea in CL ive had him in my pro evo master league for about 2 years i rate him highly.
yeah he is savage. add me on ps3 (donlerz17)
do you have fifa 10
I have fifa 10 im always playing online im djquick85 will be sure to add you get a wee game.
you dont wana play the owner of the site. he tared me to bits .
tell me when you wanna game. maybe tonight??
I'll probably be on it after MOTD ive about 50 wins and 66 losses so far[/quote]
ok . add me and ill play you then
you're good Smile !!!
any one plays fifa is pc ????

i have xbox 360 but no Live.....
ps3 is the thing mate!
i didnt buy ps3 coz we caunt download pirated Big Grin

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