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online gaming
What online games do you play and what format ie:- xbox,ps3 or PC ?
Does anybody here play unrealtournament 99 or Evony 1 or 2 ?
I know this topics been covered before but the members have changed since we have a new owner .
I play MW2 unfortunately not line as my 360 is modded and microsoft blew me out!
I mostly play online games in FaceBook and would like to play poker and mafia war. I have played Fifa connecting in Xboxs.
Hi my friend has a cracked version of half life two and Gmod. How can he play with me online?
I only own a gaming laptop, so most of my games are limited only to those released on the PC. The online games I own (I prefer not to use play) are Battlefield 3, Counter Strike:Global Offensive, Terraria, Torchlight II, Guild Wars 2, Diablo 3, Blade Symphony, Chivalry:Medieval Warfare, Team Fortress 2, and Guns of Icarus:Online.

Should you want to play some games with me, feel free to add me on Steam. My ID is TheMarkSquared.
I play mostly League of Legends on my computer, just because a lot of my friends play it too, and it's really fun when you can go together with them.
Besides from it, I'm not playing any other game at the moment.
I used to play Unreal Tournament and still sometimes play CounterStrike online but that's about it. I am waiting to try GTA online though. I hear its pretty good.

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