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Full Version: Laughing at liverpool
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Well theres another draw and their season well and truly down the toilet for sure :lol:
ha ha nice
they will be lucky to finish in the top half of the table at this rate haha
[Image: 15fhk6g.gif]

HaHaHa rafas cracking uppp! and so is his so called team ov footballers Smile
gerrard took a dive on sat too, there desperate for a win
lol i always knew he was a diver
lol heres one of their heroes :lol::lol:Smile

[Image: Arthur+Fowler.jpg]
Don't all laugh at once, but saw this on SSN:

Liverpool have been left reeling by the news that star striker Fernando Torres is facing six weeks on the sidelines as he requires knee surgery on a torn cartilage.

To add to beleaguered manager Rafa Benitez's woes, captain Steven Gerrard will be out for a fortnight with a hamstring strain and Yossi Benayoun could miss the next month with a fractured rib.


ha ha ha ha ha
Looks like this link is so apt now!!
HAHA is he ever fit that pussy
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