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Full Version: What Reception Will Becks Get?
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What Reception Will David Beckham get when he returns to Old Trafford with AC Milan in March.

David Beckham says it would be ‘beautiful’ to play against ‘Manchester’ in this year’s Champions League and is hoping to win the competition with AC Milan.

He couldn’t possibly mean that he wants to knock United out of Europe, could he.

“I would really like to face my former team in the next round,” said Beckham. “Since I left in 2003, I have not returned to play at Old Trafford. Seven years have gone by and I would like for that to happen. Me against Manchester, it would be beautiful, wouldn’t it?”

Given that United have reached the final for the past two seasons, he knows how much of a test it would be to play against us.

“It would be very difficult,” he continued. “But it will be very exciting. I like big challenges and I would love to play that type of game. I would love to win the Champions League because it is a special competition, where the strongest teams compete.”
I will go mental if he gets a bad reception.
What ever!
Evra will be more Defence ..... and Stops Becks Bends Big Grin
cant see him getting a bad reception tbh, its different if he had of said bad things about the club but he didnt, he may be the worlds most famous footballer, but at the end of the day he is just like us "A FAN OF MANCHESTER UNITED F.C"
yep thats what u mean he is a really good sports man and LOVES united so cheer him all the way Smile
Cheer him on and off the pitch, but get behind our lads during the game. Job done!
id like gary to mark him. they were best mates wernt they
Wrong side. Shame, would be funny watching Gary Nev kick him in the air for fun!
o yeah never taught of that. sorry for going of the topic but has it been confirmed when gary will be back
Not as far as I know.
Just checked on He's scheduled for the 27th December, but with a groin strain, it could be longer.