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Full Version: van persie Will not play again
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Van Persie will not play agen this season due to injury .
man arsenal need to get a goal scorer in jan.
Latest one RVP backs Sooner than expected!
iv seen this on Sky-Sports news or have i herd wrong
You're right donlerz. It was repeated on SSN this morning. He's out until April, as he needs an operation on his knee.
ha yes, eat that arsene
hahha XD
He has proven he wrong at the start of the year in all farness to the lad.I never really rated him but he is a great poucher. like owen he is a fox in the box. very inprotant player for arsenal !
That's good for us.
He has looked quite useful in his couple of games back, but too late to save the gooner's season. They really missed him, which is a shame.....NOT, lol!
RVP the Cross Leged Arse Big Grin