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Full Version: What is your favorite console?
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Rich tea or Garibaldi? Nah, it'll never catch on!
barbie or action man Tongue

dont get this thread at all
We've just gone off track a little. Just cos we can't see the point of this one, really.
its the same as all these types of threads! the usual people posting and voting init
i own a Xbox360 ... and i love it! ..

ps3 games are too exp in ma place
really how much is the difference mate?
there around the same price as xbox games here
yeah can you download Xbox games of torrent or some thing like that?
ya Xbox games are easy to download in torrents!

"ps3 games has no ranges in price" every thng like 120$ (n INR) its too much for a singel game!

ma frnds in us/uk said ps3 games from 10$ to 80$ is it ?
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