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Full Version: Beckham Confirms What We All Know...
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Beckham should celebrate goals are scored to be celebrated i believe i wouldnt mind u would just have to be in awe of beckhams constant professionalism in the game and wonder how he keeps proving the critics wrong.
Yeah right Becks, cos you know all about selling out. Remember Blackpool, Preston and Tottenham, well alright not Tottenham, were all big cheeses once. Look at Liverpool trying to hang in there. This is just the start of a long history to go with the one we have already. By the rme your sproggs have grown up man utd will be a note in history and city will be the global brand. As much as you and many others want it to be, your time like those before you is up. You had a good run but the game has changed now and it's Manchesters turn to rule. Come on city
Trevor is in cloud cuckoo land! Are you Garry Cook in disguise, cos he has been spouting a whole load of crap recently, like WHEN city go to Wembley (dumped out of the carling cup) and how the balance of power has shifted. Numpty. When your trophy cabinet looks like this

[Image: n1e429.jpg]


and not this

[Image: empty_cabinet_australia.jpg]

then you're welcome to come back.
jeez nice display............
better ask cook to fill it with money! coz he took in wrong sence he can buy a clown at 25 million .. but he caunt buy trophys! have to win!to earn it..
Dropped David Beckham's hopes of starting emotional clash against Manchester United in doubt

David Beckham's dream of lining up against Manchester United were thrown into doubt last night after he was dropped by AC Milan.

The former Old Trafford star could only make the bench for Milan's goalless draw against Bologna yesterday which casts serious doubts over his chances of starting the Champions League second round first-leg clash against United at the San Siro next Tuesday.
Beckham was replaced by recent loan signing Mancini before replacing Ronaldinho with just 11 minutes left to play.
The England midfielder came close to breaking the deadlock late on after firing wide from the edge of the box after a one-two with Marco Borriello.

Beckham has struggled to recapture the form that made him such a hit during his first loan spell at the San Siro last season.
found this in the paper this morning!

DAVID BECKHAM still wishes he was a Manchester United player.
That is why he will not be celebrating if he scores against his old club in the second round of the Champions League.

The former England skipper faces United next Tuesday for the first time since his acrimonious departure to Real Madrid seven years ago.

Becks, on loan at AC Milan, is looking forward to his reunion but clearly he would still like Old Trafford to be his permanent home.

He said: "I always wish I was part of Manchester United, it is just in me.

"Even though I am not there any more, I am still a huge fan.

"Coming to terms with not being a United player was certainly the toughest thing I've ever had to deal with.

"When you are a Manchester United player and a Manchester United fan you never want to play for any other club.

"I always want them to do well and ]be successful because the club still means so much to me.

"I've still got season tickets and I will always keep them because I love to watch every game where possible.

"I would love to take my sons one day. United will always be such a special place to me, so we will just have to see what the future holds."

The immediate future sees Milan face United at the San Siro next week with the return at Old Trafford on March 10.

And if Becks finds the net it will be with mixed emotions.

He said: "Sometimes emotion can get the better of you when you score but I do not think I will celebrate. I respect the fans and the club.

"The relationship I have with the fans is still important to me. I went through some difficult times but they never stopped supporting me.

"I would not have got through everything without them. To me, they are the best fans in the world."

The hurt of leaving after falling out with boss Alex Ferguson was still too raw for Beckham to return while at Real.

He left after 13 years with United, playing 394 games and scoring 85 goals. But he feels enough time has passed now.

Becks added: "United was the club I always wanted to play for and I loved every minute of my time there.

"The first few years were hard and there were a lot of things I missed.

"When I was at Real it just never felt right to come back to Old Trafford.

"The thought of playing against United always gave me that sick feeling because I missed the club so much.

"But when the draw was made this time it felt as though it was the right time to go back. I felt really emotional.

"It will also be extremely emotional for myself and my family on the night. It is the biggest club in the world and it is one you always want to be a part of."
And he still has his four season tickets! Why not just score an OG for us, Becks, if you feel so strongly about United, lol.
hahhaa welcome welcome an OG
Wonder what the odds would be on that??
worth a punt id imagin! will be good to see him bak at traf tho!!

i think him and giggs will end up ambassadors for united when they retire
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