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Full Version: City Can't Buy Silverware
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Few people said to me today Manchester City are going to buy the players to win the league..Made me laugh this because there not!!! there trying to buy Mutu???For what with tevez,Bellamy,Adaboyor,Santa Curz why do they want that coke sniffing twat??
Flamini is a other player on there radar now last night i taught there centre midfeild sat back quite well and he wouldn't suit there play!There waisting there money now! You dont need 4+ strikers that need to start week in week out thats causes trouble in the dressing room like what happend with Tevez last year for example but being honest i'm glad he is gone the RAT!!!

City are going to get hammerd against US in OT and scholes has to start to break the money grappers two legs!!!!
Compare and contrast:

Manchester United Trophy Cabinet

Tier 1 (Premier League, First Division) - 18
1907/1908 1910/1911 1951/1952 1955/1956 1956/1957 1964/1965 1966/1967
1992/1993 1993/1994 1995/1996 1996/1997 1998/1999 1999/2000 2000/2001
2002/2003 2006/2007 2007/2008 2008/2009
Tier 2 (Championship, 1st Division, 2nd Division) - 2
1935/1936 1974/1975

FA Cup - 11
1909 1948 1963 1977 1983 1985 1990
1994 1996 1999
League Cup - 3
1992 2006 2009

Champions League (including European Cup) - 3
1968 1999 2008
Cup Winners' Cup - 1

Manchester City Trophy Cabinet

Tier 1 (Premier League, First Division) - 2
1936/1937 1967/1968
Tier 2 (Championship, 1st Division, 2nd Division) - 7
1898/1899 1902/1903 1909/1910 1927/1928 1946/1947 1965/1966 2001/2002
FA Cup - 4
1904 1934 1956 1969
League Cup - 2
1970 1976
Cup Winners' Cup - 1

Enough said?

No? OK. Photos of current cabinets.


[Image: 306976099_79793397c8.jpg?v=0]

Well, part of it. That's just along 1 wall!!


[Image: 8ea3ec6e2d094608ab64a6c6ddc755da]
I thought you might like it. I think one or two others might smile a wee bit, too!
Not only can they not buy silverware, it seems that their new-found wealth has made them so arrogant that they feel they can ride roughshod over everyone! They seemingly messed up big time in the transfer window, assuming players would fall over themselves to go to middle eastlands and that clubs would bow to their bottomless pit of cash. Not so, it seems:

Fernando Gago's agent has hit out at Manchester City over their handling of their bid for the player.

City lodged a bid for Gago last week and the player appeared confident of sealing a move.

But Eastlands chief Roberto Manciniseemingly preferred to sign Kenyan star McDonald Mariga and City agreed terms with Parma.

However, he was refused a work permit and subsequently joined Inter Milan.
That left City with few other options, and they tried to salvage a deal late on Monday for Gago - but there was not enough time to seal the transfer.

And the Argentine star has been left far from happy with the Premier League club.

"City used us," Gago's agent Marcello Lombillatold radio station Onda Cero.

"This has never happened to me before.

"I don't want to talk about the figures that City were offering because they approached Madrid without even knowing there wasn't physically enough time to put something together."

Real's sporting director Jorge Valdano was equally unimpressed with City's attempts.

"They had nothing prepared, not even one document signed," Valdano told El Pais.

"They had not reached an agreement with the player and they would have had to have done everything in 40 minutes."

Lombilla insists that Gago will now concentrate on getting his Real career back on track.

"Despite the fact he went from being 'untransferable' to suddenly 'for sale', he will always continue to work hard," he stated.


I tell you, they are great entertainment, aren't they? Along with Rafa at the dippers, they manage to keep us all smiling. Oh, and they ended up with Johnson from Middlesbrough, who are, of course, in the Championship! Big name signing, eh?
I had a little look around the blue forums last night. it seems that the Hull defeat was down to Mancini's scarf! You couldn't make it up! They are calling for him to ditch it, as he's lost as many games as Sparky, in less time! If it is the scarf, let's have a whip round and buy him a lorry load!
Viera played 1 match and banned for 3 matches XD

Vieira, accepted a charge of violent conduct and has been banned for three matches after kicking Stoke City's Glenn Whelan in the groin.
LMAO!! Dirty player. I'll say it again. We should re-sign Keano just to get at Viera!
we still haev to play city at away .... so we can show some good time for viera

1.nt fit tho sigened

2.4 million wage ROFL

Roberto Mancini has been involved in an astonishing bust-up with Craig Bellamy. It ended with Manchester City's boss screaming at the player: Get out - and don't come back for three month

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