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Full Version: Glazer Chants
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Add your Glazer chants here...

I'll take a rough guess theres going the be more and more the next few months Wink
He's gonna die, He's gonna die, Malcolm Glazer's gonna die, How we kill him I don't know, Cut him up from head to toe, All I know is Glazer's gonna die.
Get Out Of Club,
Get Out Of Clubbbb,
You Yank Bastardsss,
Get Out Of Club
United's soul is never sold
So proudly wear that green and gold
We'll never wear our famous Red
Till Glazer's gone or even dead
So raise that ancient standard high
By green and gold we'll live or die
That day will come again for sure
When we can wear our Red once more
Nice one. Where did you hear that one?
I made a mup facebook and get mail every now and agen.
MUST are OUR friends on it too Smile
did you hear bout the dippers that were taking to court on racist charges after shouting yanks out at their owners, we would need to watch ourselves
No? I haven't heard that. Have you got any more on that, Andy?
Charges against two Liverpool fans labelled "racists" by police for using the word "Yank" have been thrown out of court.The pair had joined hundreds of fellow supporters at Anfield chanting "Yanks Out", in a protest against the Merseyside club's unpopular American owners, on December 13.But James McKenna, 22, was singled out during the peaceful protest and arrested by two police officers, who deemed his involvement in the protest "racist".Mr McKenna and one other fan were taken by police to nearby Wavertree police station, where they were kept for six hours, before being charged with public order offences.But at a hearing at Liverpool's Community Justice Court, the case against the two fans was thrown out by the Crown Prosecution Service after just a few minutes.Speaking a week after the January hearing, Mr McKenna, a member of the Spirit of Shankly supporters club said: "I just shouted ‘Yanks Out!’"The police were out on their horses and they grabbed me.
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