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Full Version: Dream Car
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Hi All,

I'll make one of these traditional polls. What's you dream car? To add some spice to the whole thing I'll ask for two cars:

1) Your dream car, this hasn't got to be realistic or anything.
2) A car that you would like to have. This is more like a car you would consider and might have the possibility of buying instead of the car of your dreams.

Hope you get it... My explanation was quite crude...

My choices:
1) Range Rover Sport 2007 with Vesuvius Red colour... Drool Cool

2) Seat Leon, black or red.
Nice that a bitter would go for a RED car, lol!!
yeah haha.
1.Bugatti Veron-Red/Black but mayb get a paint job for a while to Green/Gold hahaha

2.I have no money so might get a lift of the bin man ehh haha
Ford Escort Mk 1, lol. interest ..... wonder, this is a football forum. Closed.