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Full Version: Avatar Problem Fixed
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I know the Avatar problem has been upsetting people and annoying them for some time and I have been working for a few days trying to find a fix to the problem and today I can now say it is fixed and working. I have changed the limit so the system now resizes nearly any image and it is all working fine.

Sorry for the inconvenience.
Yaaay! Nice one Steve. I can change from the flashing avatar to something anti Glazer or pro United. Hmm, the World is my oyster....

Yaaaaaay!!!!!1 nice one.

And its "Avatar" not "Aviator".

soz, i dont mean to sound like im picking at everything...
yuppy nice one stevD
any pics of anti tevez haha
Thanks Steve Smile
great jobbbbbbSmile
Again avatar Problem rised :|

help us out Steve Smile
I still can't get an avatar on. It keeps saying "Incorrect file". Can anyone advise please. I'm trying to get one from "My Pictures."
ya a little Bug ....

hope steve will fix it soon ...
should be fixed AGAIN