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Full Version: New Logo
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I think it was about time for a new logo for our great website...

[Image: logo.png]

What You Guys Think
I just posted on the 'New MUP' thread. Just at about the same time.

I like it. Looks modern, clean and sharp. Nice to see the tagline is back, too. Great work, sir!
looks slick boss good job
yup much nicer much say there was nothing wrong with the old one but this one beats it by miles
hey dale .. happy u are back

nice ... looks crisp Smile
Yep it's looking good... I like it way better than the other one... how about sticking a bit of green & gold on it? But yeah, good job, steve!
Personally, I think that the green and gold has to be a personal choice, as requested by MUST. I'm not sure that the website should necessarily show the colours, even though I fully support the green and gold myself.

Good point, though.
yupp i think the same a green and gold logo with a sexy red and black theme wouldn't look right and changing the wonderful theme for a diff logo is pointless lol
agreed i tink green and gold up there woud look very out of place
But it is a good idea seeing we are all green and gold these days!
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