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Full Version: Euro 2012 Draw
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Euro 2012 qualifying draw:

GROUP A: Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Belgium, Austria, Turkey, Germany

GROUP B: Andorra, Armenia, Macedonia, REPUBLIC OF IRELAND, Slovakia, Russia

GROUP C: Faroe Islands, Estonia, Slovenia, NORTHERN IRELAND, Serbia, Italy

GROUP D: Luxembourg, Albania, Belarus, Bosnia, Romania, France

GROUP E: San Marino, Moldova, Hungary, Finland, Sweden, Netherlands

GROUP F: Malta, Georgia, Latvia, Israel, Greece, Croatia

GROUP G: Montenegro, WALES, Bulgaria, Switzerland, ENGLAND

GROUP H: Iceland, Cyprus, Norway, Denmark, Portugal

GROUP I: Liechtenstein, Lithuania, SCOTLAND, Czech Republic, Spain

Got my crayons out, lol!

You would have put money on the Irish being in the same group as France, eh?
after our performances v italy & france we should do ok in this group
there is no "GROUP OF DEATH" thats upseting
Group I is the nearest, but only if you are a Scot! Being paired with Czech Rep and Spain not good. The rest look ok ish!
england v wales will be tasty
fine Goup For England
I can see England taking this group for granted and slipping up, maybe against the Swiss. That will make it interesting.

What do you think of the Irish group? I see Slovakia and Russia being difficult away trips.
Russia home is difficult!
will you guys have a stadium by then or will you still be on the rent?

[Image: 300px-Aviva_stadium_under_construction.jpg]
[Image: aviva-stadium.jpg]
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