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Full Version: He's Cracking Up, Wenger's Cracking Up
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Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has hit out at the media, as he claims they keep twisting his words.

Wenger was quoted on Sunday after their 2-0 defeat to title rivals Chelsea at Stamford Bridge, insisting his side were the better team.

A number of people, including Chelsea's Michael Ballack, have hit-back at Wenger, claiming he was a bad loser.

But the Gunners boss insists that his press conference was not accurately reported.

"I just would like to say that I was full of praise and compliments for Chelsea," Wenger stated on Sky Sports News.

"I find it unfair from the press that you take one word from my press conference and turn it in a kind of hope [of a big story], you did that at Aston Villa, you did that at Chelsea.

"Every time if you look at the intent of the press conference it is positive to the opposition, if you want I can say nothing.

"I am in England long enough to know that if the team wins you can say what you want, it is my job to take a distance from that but I analyse it in a cold way and look at what is right and wrong."

Wenger again refused to concede the title despite the recent defeats to Chelsea and Manchester United.
"What is important is that we win, we will see who wins the title - there is a long way to go, 13 games to play and 39 points still to take," he said.

"If we don't have belief, then it can't happen and I am sure mathematically it can happen and if you look at the fixtures it can really happen.

"It is down to how much we believe and how much we won't give up."

Wenger is also unsurprised by Liverpool's rise back up the table.

"I always said they would come back, if you listen to my statements from six weeks ago, eight weeks ago," he said.

"It is a game to win and everyone can drop points, I sit here like the current situation is forever, but this is sport and things can change quickly."

Wenger also hit back at claims that he did not try and add to his squad in January, with many Arsenal fans calling for a striker to be signed.

"We tried to sign players, but it didn't work and we have to accept that," Wenger continued.

"We have lost players and unfortunately we have three strikers out and the way the fixtures are, you lose one player and you lose three big games, but I believe we promised to fight to the last game of the season.

"There were positives in the last game and we will fight to the last second of the season. But again everyone is negative with Arsenal and we have to live with that and prove them wrong."

Wenger remains coy on Bordeaux striker Marouane Chamakh, refusing to even admit that he is in talks.

Chamakh admitted over the weekend that he wanted to sign for Arsenal, seemingly shunning a switch to Premier League rivals Liverpool.

"I believe he is talking to many clubs which he is entitled to do, we are just focusing on the [Liverpool] game," Wenger said.

"He is free to sign wherever he wants."


So, it isn't just the fat spanish waiter that feels the pressure, eh? And that's a fact!
nobody is even bothered about him! he is abit like phil brown he likes all the attention on him and its all about arsene wanker! not the team or the club just him!
Like Phil Brown but without the perma-tan!
hahaha and a slightly better team playing for him!
Not sure. How did they both do against Chelski, as a yardstick?
you make a valid point! !
Arse still Bluffs that his team Kids are not good!!!!

Still KIds Team ???? i mean Kids ???

------------------ALumunia -age :32--------------------------

Sagna age : 26-----gallas age :32 -vermalen age :24 --- clitchy age :25

-----song age : 22----fabreg-a$$ age :22 -- denilson age : 21

-----rosicky age :29 arshy age : 28 ----- nasri age : 22

Line up vs manutd ..... looks like kids lol XD

subs : walcott -over hyped hippo .. doesnt knew other tan sprint
bentner- hes often give press speach tat hes gonna be worlds best player soon Big Grin
eboue- cheap arse ... still he doesnt knew wat possion he will play for arse's

finaly arse wenger- simply called as clown or compare him with commedy actor Atkinson famously called as Mr.Bean ...

lastest news ab FAB-hes searching for a house near barcelona source: tribal football

last 3 arse matches
1.astron 0-0
2.utd 3-1

haha thats all they can do vs Good teams Big Grin

Gerrard says- liverpool will do te same to arse what utd and chelfcks did to them, in their next match Big Grin - source: dialymail

only good news is chamak confirm that he will sign for arse's as a free agent in next summer( can Blanc block this ?????)

Arse's who called as Gunner's doesnt have Ammo's ........Lamo!!!!!
Dummy Gooners Big Grin
Hes coming out with some amount of crap these days. and the usual we cant afford new players and i wont break the bank. time arsenal found a new manager lol
He's coming out with crap yeh hes team and himself suit so ehh
he will have to buy big to replace fabregas in the summer, cause he's carrying that team
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