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Full Version: Lyon president Aulas: Benzema isolated at Real Madrid
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Olympique Lyon president Jean-Michel Aulas feels Karim Benzema is an outsider at Real Madrid.

Benzema returns to Lyon tonight for their Champions League clash.

"He's a bit isolated in the galaxy of Madrid.

He needs a more personal touch from the coach and with his teammates to gain confidence," said Aulas.

"It is difficult to do this in a galaxy of stars where there are personal relationships, but Karim needs this because he is young and comes from another environment, another country ...

I saw him in Madrid and he's living in a house alone, without furniture ..."

Source: TRibalfootball
WE'LL TAKE HIM!!! id love to see him in red!!!!!
Hoo He need prof Touch from coach ???

Well Feel SAF's Hug when u are in top form ... and GEt a SLap when u Play poor,,, either way u will Feel te touch of SAF


poor boy!!!!! Ask ur mama she will say ... u made a worst decission of ur LYf by joinning Real-"Mad"(get)rid XD
2 MANY CHIEFS AND NOT ENOUGH INDIANS AT THAT PLACE everyone is always going to be second fiddle to ronny! hes the best player in the league by a mile! but given some SAF love and attention this benzema boy could be the poacher and leathal finisher we really neeed!!!!

swao him for owen haha