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Full Version: VIDIC STAYING!
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NEMANJA VIDIC insists he will not be leaving Manchester United this summer.
The Serbian defender has been linked with moves to Real Madrid, Barcelona and AC Milan.

He has not played for United in 2010 and his absence has sparked speculation about his future at the club.

Vidic, 28, said: "I will repeat for the hundredth time, my contract with Manchester United is until the summer of 2012 and I want to stay at Old Trafford until the last day.

"Only this is true."

Some reports claim centre-back Vidic has already agreed a deal to leave United.

But he added: "No, no, no, I have made a career in Manchester and I respect that fully.

"No one has contacted me and I have not spoken to anyone."

Vidic has spent over a month on the sidelines although he admits he will return to action soon.

He said: "I am healthy... I feel strong and I believe I can return in full.

"First I had troubles with a calf muscle but I started with training too early and felt strong pain in the back of a calf."

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Hopefully true. I thought he was only contracted until summer 2011. If it is 2012 then we probably will have him another season before contracts start to be discussed.
He needs to get back soon and put the rumours to rest by playing his socks off.
We need a good strong defence from here on (at the fighting end of the season.) Therre is too much at stake. Jonny Evans is improving all the time but his weeknesses were obvious on Tuesday night. He struggled a bit. Given a bit of time he could eventually become first choice but he is not ready yet
read about this on sky sports news but anything can happen in the summer we all know that
he said hes staying until the last day of his contract , at which point he could walk away for free to anywhere he likes . United need to sound out his intentions by offering him a new contract this summer , is he fails to sign then i would sell him now because put simply his heart obviously wouldnt be with United and his value would plummit as time moves on .
hes not that old his value wouldnt decrease that much by that time,
not a question of how old he is , in fact its irrelivant . if he has 2 years left on his contract he has to sign this summer . if not then you would start to question his loyalties . Summer 2011 would be his last chance to sign , twelve months before his contract ended , as time went on United would try to sell him but teams would know that from January 2012 they can sign him totally for free on a pre contract agreement , obviously United wouldnt lose him until July 1st 2012 but then it would be for nothing . so rather sell him now for £20m
i hate people who make up these things. i really hope he doesnt leave to RM/barca/ac milan etc.
any time soon. hes a world class defender!
HES AWESOME and paired with any ball playing defender he is one of if not the best!