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Full Version: FIFA sympathetic to Portsmouth selling players outside transfer window
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Fifa has indicated it will look favourably on Portsmouth's request to sell players outside of the transfer window, BBC Sport understands.

Pompey have debts of about £60m and are due in court on 1 March to contest a winding-up order issued by Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs.

The Premier League will ask the other 19 clubs before making its decision.

It is likely any players sold would only be allowed to play in the Premier League, not any other competitions.

Fifa confirmed on Thursday that it received correspondence from the Football Association relating to Portsmouth's financial situation.

BBC sports news correspondent Gordon Farquhar believes world football's governing body will support their plea.

"The argument put to Fifa would say it's the integrity of the competition at stake here - if Portsmouth go under all their points would be cancelled and the league table would be falsely affected," said Farquhar.

"For the integrity of the sporting competition, it's better if the club can be kept afloat, at least to play out their fixtures until the end of the season."

SSN report that it has been denied and they cannot sell players. I think that is a correct decision, as it will have implications for years to come. Will also cause problems with players bought/sold, if they then go on to make a difference in the league, cup, etc. There would be outrage should a player sold to another club scores loads of goals and maybe keeps his new club up.

The Premier League has rejected Portsmouth's appeal to be allowed to sell players outside of the transfer window.

Pompey had hoped to be able to offload some of their squad to help ease their financial problems, with the club reportedly £60million in debt.

They are due to return to court on 1st March to face a winding-up petition from Her Majesty's Revenue & Customs in the High Court.

Portsmouth had made the unique request to the Premier League and Fifa had already suggested it would look favourably on the idea.

However, the Premier League board has now confirmed it will not give the go-ahead to let them sell players following the closure of the January window.

A Premier League statement read: "The Premier League board can confirm they have been actively considering a request from Portsmouth to transfer players outside of the transfer window.

"We are grateful for positive assistance from Fifa and the FA but, having given the matter further consideration and taking into account all factors, the Premier League board have decided that this would not be an appropriate course of action at this time."

Portsmouth currently sit bottom of the Premier League, seven points adrift of nearest rivals Burnley, and they face Stoke City on Saturday at Fratton Park.

Adminstration is close for them and that will probably finish them off
the prem league cant just let them go bankrupt, and do nothing. Sure their gonna get relagated, but they gotta keep going until the end of the season