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Full Version: Leonardo sensationally offers AC Milan resignation
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Leonardo has sensationally offered his resignation to AC Milan's board.

Defeat in the Champions League at home to Manchester United has sparked speculation that Milan patron Silvio Berlusconi is unhappy with the Brazilian.

“Our agreement was very clear,” insisted Leonardo. “The plans were laid down and I have no problems. If the President wants, I will step aside. All I need is the word.

“I have been here for 13 years in one role or another, so I’d have no problem terminating the contract. I would never allow this club to pay for two Coaches at once.

“In order to keep going forward, we need the most important thing: calm. For now I am focusing only on the squad.

“I remain relaxed, although I know these rumours cannot do the team any good. It’s not harming them either, as it’s a mature group of players, but I’d prefer to avoid this sort of thing.”

as far as im concerned AC Milan will be swept aside in the 2nd leg anyway